Benefits of exhibiting

ElectronTechExpo is the only international exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for electronic and electrical industries in Russia.

ElectronTechExpo is an effective business platform to attract new clients and increase sales of equipment and materials for the electronic and electrical industries to existing clients in Russia.

Participation in ElectronTechExpo provides an opportunity to demonstrate products in short time to a large number of representatives of industrial enterprises, trade organisations and academic institutions interested in acquiring it.

Here’s why exhibiting is a must for all industry figures:

  • Find new clients

With access to over 11,600 buyers, ElectronTechExpo is the best to meet new and existing clients. 95% of visitors make or influence purchasing decisions. A further 72% intend to purchase from exhibitors after the event.

  • Get your products out there

With the whole industry in one place, you can use ElectronTechExpo to boost your brand visibility and demo your latest electronic solutions to industry pros in one place at one time.

  • Learn more about Russian market

Get actionable insights into the latest trends in the Russian and international market with Forum of Russian Manufacturers.

  • Networking with electronics leaders

Networking with industry experts, save time and get a high event ROI


Facts about Russian Electronic Industry today:

  • The electronics industry is one of the key segments of the modern industry in Russia. The market size of the Russian market of electronics systems is expected to grow to more than 42 600 million Euros by 2025. 

  • The Russian electronics industry growth is supported by the state through the National Program ‘Development of the electronics and radio-electronics industries for 2013-2025’, which is constantly developed.

  • The electronics industry of Russia today has more than 3000 companies, of which more than 2500 are private, the largest enterprises and corporations are located in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Focus is moving to developing of microelectonics development, civil private manufacturing, R&D and production.

  • The market of electronic components grows by 8-10% on average in Russia following the decline in 2014. 

Major drivers of growth are:
Civil Applications Market is growing by 15%. 
Electronics exports are growing at 19%.

Main facts and figures 2019:

  • 11.674 visitors from 61 regions of Russia and 36 countries
  • 457 companies from 17 countries: Russia, Belgium, China, Republic of China (Taiwan), Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Armenia, Belarus and others.
  • 63% of visitors attend only ExpoElectronica / ElectronTechExpo among other similar events in the industry