Exhibitors' feedback

Exhibitors feedback 2021:

Anton Bolshakov, Marketing Director, Ostek Group

Our company is 30 years old this year and the exhibition is the main event this year, where we celebrate our anniversary in the industry. The exhibition exceeded my expectations, I admit, there was concern about the number of visitors to the exhibition, but especially today, the second day of the exhibition shows that there are a lot of visitors, we are actively working, actively communicating, I was also very pleasantly pleased and surprised by the quality of the stands of many exhibitors. It seems to me that this year everyone came up especially attentively, festively. In general, good, lively business activity, communication at the stands. A very rich and relevant business program. Now exhibitions are not just negotiations, but also a big business component. This is the first offline exhibition of our industry, so I would like to wish the exhibition to stake out a place number 1 in the world, to become truly international, global and large-scale and develop technologically.

Alexandra Nikolaeva, Commercial Director, ELMA

For us, an exhibition is always an opportunity for personal meetings. In general, an exhibition is a holiday for a customer and a supplier, an exhibition is an opportunity to meet, discuss tasks for the future, some questions that arise in the course of work. All our customers are scattered throughout the country, for us, of course, this is a great and good opportunity to meet everyone in Moscow during this period in April. This is how everyone usually plans. I am very happy to admit that we really miss each other, we are so glad to see each other, despite the masks, gloves and all the protective measures that we have to take. It's just happiness to just shake hands with each other, embrace and see the eyes of our customers and now leave this communication format to us as our traditional format. We don’t want any video communication, no zooms, we prefer to meet, talk, discuss something together face to face. This communication was probably the most important breakthrough in this exhibition.

Sergey Sidorov, Executive Director, SERP

The first day of work at the exhibition brought us a large number of questionnaires, on the first day more than 100 questionnaires were collected, the second day was even more fruitful, and we broke this record, moreover, there were customers and negotiations that led to the possibility of signing quick contracts. The exhibitions certainly met our expectations in terms of organization, in terms of professional training of both organizers and exhibitors, in terms of the business program. We hope that in the future the exhibition will develop in the same direction.

Alexander Egorov, Deputy Director for Science & Chief Designer of ELECTROMASH Group

We have already seen all our current clients and, what is pleasant, we received new orders on the very first day at the exhibition. And the first day really showed interest in the domestic manufacturer, finally, the status of domestic production, the status of domestic materials is gaining momentum, and we can proudly present our products. And we see interest. And what is also the most remarkable thing we finally saw in our customers interest in new materials, we are asked when you will bring this product to the market, when will there be a new product, of course, we record all this, we understand our further strategic development. We look forward to success in the implementation of all new projects. It's nice to see both familiar faces and new faces, and it's nice to see interest. After all this situation with the covid, the postponement of the exhibition, we had fears that people would be afraid to come, but we see interest, we see a large number of people who come to our stand and are interested in products, product samples - this can only please us. So many thanks to the organisers.

Ekaterina Sannikova, Head of Sales Department, Novator

ElectronTechExpo for our company is, first of all, communication, meetings, advertising and the conclusion of new agreements and contracts. Certainly, it is already decided that we will participate in the exhibition next year.


ExpoElectronica & ElectronTechExpo participants share their feedback:

  • Pavel Strunin, head of Oscilloscope Team, Rohde & Schwarz RUS (ElectronTechExpo);
  • Sergey Chigirinskiy, Chief technical director, AKMicrotech (ElectronTechExpo);
  • Andrey Kucheryavyy, Chief executive director, Rezonit (ExpoElectronica);
  • Aleksandr Shemanov, technical director, Global Engineering (ElectronTechExpo);
  • Ludmila Ermakova, RFID & IT Sales Director, Mikron (ExpoElectronica);
  • Olga Zhulyaeva, Business development manager, Air Liquide (ElectronTechExpo);
  • Mikhail Kuzhelev, Director Sales & Service, Rehm Russia (ElectronTechExpo);
  • Mariya Timonina, Head of marketing, Testpribor (ExpoElectronica);
  • Aleksandra Kopotilova, sales manager ICAPE (ExpoElectronica).

Aleksandr Shemanov, Technical director, Global Engineering

One must go out onto the field and play. Because if you do not participate in the exhibition, you are not invisible and not unknown. The main objective of the exhibition is to present new technological equipment. The business component is as important as the image one. Often, the exhibition identifies prospects for cooperation. Here are all possible ways connected: suppliers, customers and we are the link between them. In 90% of cases, this is the groundwork for promising cooperation. Our main visitors are engineers, technologists, managers and owners of companies.


Sergey Chigirinskiy, Chief technical director, AKMicrotech


This is the main exhibition where our clients come. The exhibition gives us sales of equipment. The visitors of this exhibition are our main customers, and they are located throughout Russia. To meet 50% of those customers, with whom I have time to talk here, one year will not be enough.

We are also growing as a business thanks to taking part in this exhibition. And here, at the level of the first persons of customers we negotiate both on technology and on the development strategy of enterprises in general. Of course, we plan to take part in the exhibition next year.


Olga Zhulyaeva, Business development manager, Air Liquide


The exhibition provides an opportunity to communicate with our regular customers, here there is an opportunity to meet and communicate in an informal atmosphere. There is an opportunity to talk with general managers and technologists.

Business life is first and foremost at the exhibition. Here you can learn interesting technologies, discuss problems and issues of production, and analyze cases. Communication brings results. It’s great that everything is in one place.


Feedback exhibitions 2018


With its newly founded branch office in Moscow, Rehm will in future be able to respond to the needs of the Russian electronics market, and was represented at the central trade fairs and technology events there. In March of this year, we were at the ElectronTechExpo in Moscow for the first time! This trade fair is one of the largest and most significant international trade events for the electronics industry in Russia. At its own stand, the Rehm team presented the latest manufacturing equipment for the safe and dependable production of electronics. 
After the enormously positive outcome of the three trade fair days in Moscow, Rehm intends to expand its sales and service network in the Russian market and is also planning further trade fairs and technology events around current trends in the electronics industry".

The Rehm team